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    AMEE 2020 Glasgow – Tips For Conference Participants

    We're delighted that you are considering participating in the AMEE conference. We realise that attending the conference represents a significant investment of time and money, so here are a few tips to help you get the maximum value from your conference attendance. The tips have been compiled based on experience of the AMEE Secretariat and with some useful additions from previous conference participants.

    Several months before the Conference

    TIP 1: Register early and save money

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    TIP 2 - Select the Pre-Conference workshops and/or course(s) you wish to attend and book early
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    TIP 3: Make sure the pre-conference sessions you wish to attend do not have timing conflicts Read more

    TIP 4: Note the abstract deadlines if you would like to make a presentation Read more

    TIP 5: Book your accommodation early to get the best choice Read more

    TIP 6: Make your travel arrangements as early as possible to get the best deals Read more


    One month before the Conference

    TIP 7: Familiarise yourself with the final programme on the website from mid-July Read more

    TIP 8: If you have a presentation, check where and when it is scheduled and that you know what is expected of you Read more

    TIP 9: Read the abstract of any presentation you particularly want to attend Read more

    TIP 10: Look at the AMEE website from time to time for conference updates Read more


    During the Conference

    TIP 11 - Collect your conference material from the registration desks (A-Z) as soon as you arrive Read more

    TIP 12: Familiarise yourself with the layout of the Conference Centre and arrive promptly for sessions

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    TIP 13: Attend the Orientation Session to get a head start Read more

    TIP 14: It's not possible to do everything... team up with colleagues to cover conflicting sessions Read more

    TIP 15: 'Less is more' - sometimes it's more profitable to stay in one session for the duration, rather than moving between sessions Read more

    TIP 16: The number of places in some workshops is strictly limited, so arrive early to avoid disappointment Read more

    TIP 17: Evaluate Pre-Conference and Conference Workshops on the forms provided in the session Read more

    TIP 18: Take advantage of the networking opportunities Read more

    TIP 19: Try to formulate at least one take-home message a day and write it down Read more

    TIP 20: Collect handouts wherever possible Read more

    TIP 21: Ask for help Read more

    TIP 22: Tweet! Read more

    TIP 23: Please keep talking to a minimum during presentations Read more

    TIP 24: Please do not disturb other participants by repeatedly taking photos of slides Read more

    TIP 25: If you leave during a session, please do so quietly and with as little disruption as possible Read more



    TIP 26: Complete the post-conference evaluation form

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